DTP-E (Dual Tube Progressive Electromagnetic) Control Shocks

DTP-E is a new generation of electronically-controlled suspension system based on K-MAN's development of continuous variable damping electromagnetic valves. It adopts a dual-tube oil-gas separation structure design with compression and rebound two-way channels inside. Two electromagnetic valves independently adjust the pressure difference of the two channels to achieve independent control of compression and rebound damping force. Users can easily adjust the compression and rebound damping of the front and rear suspensions through the electronic control panel without stopping the car to manually adjust it. DTP-E uses extremely low inflation pressure, reducing the basic load of sealing components and extending the service life of shock absorber seals. The displacement-related progressive damping force control, which is unique to DTP-E, is designed for off-road conditions, ensuring wheel grip during low-amplitude vibration conditions, while providing strong buffering for high-speed and high-amplitude shocks, greatly improving the vehicle's maneuvering stability in off-road conditions.